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Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro, Riyadh
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1. Experience

I was lucky enough to work on Riyadh Metro several different times and with different companies. The first was with Systech International with the focus on claims and arbitration. The Second was with Systech again trying to sell our daily diary application (unsuccessfully) The 3rd was as a freelancer for a Variation Order they needed help with and the 4th for WSP. They need changes made to the designs of a couple of stations by the airport. (Zaha's Didn't match the existing environemnt). I was given half a BIM model of the OLD design and 5 days to produce 16 shots. I managed to get another 5 days but still for the amount of work it was a push.

2. Result

Everything is modelled by me except the cars and trees, I think I produced 100 images at varying quailties over the 10 days. I tried to assist them with construction ideas/improvements like using the existing size panels from the current airport as they have them avaialable (Time money) and it wouldn't have effected the design that much.
Not a Rembrant or anything but I think I did ok consider the scale and time frame.

3. Role

Consultant and Visualisation Expert.

Delivery 01, 5 days in

Delivery 02, 8 days in

Delivery 03, 9 days in

Delivery 04, 10 days in

Project Details

Client: WSP

Date: 15th July, 2021


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