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Alternative Living Comp

Online, Dubai
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1. Experience

I tried my hand at a competition in my free time which didn't result in a place unfortunately but was a great expeirence none the less, the requirement was for a alternative lifestyle home that promoted sustainability and lean construction methods.
Being a fan of modular design I tried to flex some architecture muscles and think a little outside the box.

2. Result

The result was a diamond shaped plywood box that floated above the rough rocky landscape where it was suitated. The idea being to emulate the trees it was surrounded by and offer elevation to the inhabitants. while at the same time having a minimal footprint and being mass producable through lean and modular construction methods.

3. Role

I came up with the Design, manufacturing plan, factory layout and prelimiunary pricing all of which were'nt quite enouhgh to get me a place. The competition were amazeballs so there is no hard feelings there, the attempt took me 2 weeks.
Project Details

Client: Alternative Living Comp

Date: 02th August, 2018