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Site Monitor

The beginings of a Site Monitoring System

1. Experience

Removing Administrative Burden is one of key areas of focus. What better than an automated system that can report back vital construction statistics and monitor critical construction activities. The Site Monitor initative is meant to provide all this and more, eventually leading up to 24/7 Drone site monitoring.

2. Result

Preliminary results were amazing, within 7 days we had trained a model on our own dataset specifically relevant to construction works. My system, even at this early stage in development, could distingush between people in full ppe and those that aren't. The next steps were to introduce a larger data set and link the results to a reporting system that included a dashboard, Live video and email/whatsapp messaging for specified events.

3. Role

I led the construction innovation team on a very large project and this was one of my initatives put forward. I created a webscraper to get construction images and then with the help of my team labeled and classified the images. I then used the Darknet implementation of YoloV3 to train the model. All this was done on minimal hardware, 1 standard CAD PC with a P4000 Quadro in 7 days.
Project Details

Client: Anonomus

Date: 1st December, 2019

Online: https://aecom.com

Computer vision should be common place on construction sites these days but the fact of the matter is the industry seems to shy away from critical analysis of its itself. With the ease at which you can develop and employ these types of solutions whether that be in-house or outsourced it just doesn't make sense to me why more companies aren't adopting this technology.

It's applications aren't limited to cameras, I believe text recognition was among if not the first use case for this technology, why not try running it on schedules? Contracts? RFP's?