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AECOM Modular

A concept for mass modular automation
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1. Experience

MMC & Low cost housing are common requirements in all countries I've worked in. While at AECOM I proposed a innovative solution to a client that would incorperate many of the technologies I love into a complete modular housing solution. Users would be able to design and expereience thier houses themselves based of a modular system linked directly with Revit Models and BOQ's.

2. Result

In 3 days I developed a proposal including the "Concept Builder" you can access here. The proposal outlined the requirements, development time and resources need to complete in 3 months. Potential partners for the modular construction were also defined.

3. Role

I concieved, developed and presented the idea.
Project Details

Client: AECOM

Date: 1st September, 2016


Modular construction is viable. Its a matter of the system being flexible enough to give the client percieved choice. Just as in manufacturing clients can chose what they are purchasing and customize it to certain degree. You need fixed designs and supplychains as well as a manufacturing process and mindset. Your no longer in construction, youre creating a product...

With the wealth of accessible technology around today there is no reason this specific industry inside construction should be moving forward at breakneck speed.