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1. Experience

Well this was a first. I was called in very cryptically to a meeting at head office late on a thursday and asked to create a visualisation by Sunday.
Unfortunately someone had died and the team needed to convey the events in a video. While being very sobering it also compounds the fact tha visual communications are so important. The ability to convey complex issues to an audience that isnt familar with a subject is how information has been passed around since the dawning of time.

2. Result

Clearly not a tripple A visualization I think it conveyed the event accurately and for a little over 48 hours everyone involved seemed to be impressed. There was no back and forth they explained events and i made the animation. I'm unaware of any events proceeding this and my only involvement was to create this video. Needless to say my heart went out to the family of the victim and all those others affected by this accident. Imagine the way we can mitigate these accidents with XR technology and training.

3. Role

I strongly believe XR technology has so much more of a role to play in how we train our workforces, the ability to exp[ereience the expereience before you experience it is invaluable. Whether its simple 360 videos or complex fully immersive experiences we should all be pushing for a way to mitigate these types of events.

Project Details

Client: Systech International

Date: 1st Feb, 2016


We understand the requirements and risks of projects and the need for robust and professional cost and schedule control from the outset; early engagement allows our proactive approach to maximise control and minimise risks and disputes. Should problems occur, we have the strategic expertise to manage and resolve claims and disputes, through our co-ordinated team of contract specialists, forensic delay analysts and expert witnesses combined with legal consultants from Systech Law.
We ensure that robust measures to control risk, cost and time, manage claims and prevent disputes are in place to support the successful delivery of global projects.Our co-ordinated, multidisciplinary team gives you the commercial edge throughout the project and the expertise to secure your entitlements and resolve claims and disputes.Claims Management / Contract Management / Site Diary App / Planning & Scheduling / Systech Delay Analysis Software / Legal Services / Dispute Resolution /Visualisations / Expert Witness / Training