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VR Training & Inductions

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1. Experience

So I had been working with VR since 2012, immediately saw this industry was going and hoped to make a jump on it. I joined AECOM as a member of thier newly created immersive technology department around 2017, begining of 2018. I was very vocal in my approach to implementing XR technology on construction projects (Probably a little too vocal). One of my early attempts was to create very low cost, fast turn around VR training modules. Unfortuntely none of these POC's went any further or were used.

2. Result

I used 360 video (3d VR was very obviously "not real" back then) to film a variety of situations such as working at heights and site inductions to prove that this technology was not only viable but more importantly could actually save lives. Oh and of course save these corperations money too. The turn around on these once the template was created was like a week. which madde them viable on a per project basis. Completely customizable. The idea was like those old books where you would reach a point in the story and then roll a dice or choose a path/page to continue. Utilizing this principal we can incorperate reinforced learning, gamification and active listening into our training modules.

3. Role

Incorperating a login component we can even get sub contractors etc... to utilize the program and pass a series of tests before starting. Connecting this testing with roles and responsiblities we could then connect it to systems like wakecap ( an RFID tracking system to make sure people are where they are supposed to be and are trained to be there. Unfortunately everytime I've tried to take this further the older gentleman at the top of almost all construction companies havent had the vision to pursue this further. Maybe it was just to early who knows but the shift in XR adoption and acceptance is definitely exciting and I can't wait to see where this goes. The potential is amazing.

Project Details

Client: AECOM

Date: 14th July, 2018


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