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Systech Visualisation

Dubai, UAE
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1. Experience

I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to run the Systech Visualisation Studio in Dubai. We handled the visualisations for EMEA. It was an amazing opportunity and I was lucky enough to work with some very talented individuals from around the world. I was able to travel around the world and presented to industry leaders from all over.

2. Result

Running the studio was relatively easy, the only issue ever was dealig with change. Clients always change thier minds, change the scope, change the price... But other than that it was an incredable journey. Claims and Arbitration were ripe for a technology injection and alot of the ideas I'm developing today stem from my time dealing with that.

3. Role

Senior Visualisation Manager.

Project Details

Client: Systech International

Date: 12th Febuary, 2014


We understand the requirements and risks of projects and the need for robust and professional cost and schedule control from the outset; early engagement allows our proactive approach to maximise control and minimise risks and disputes. Should problems occur, we have the strategic expertise to manage and resolve claims and disputes, through our co-ordinated team of contract specialists, forensic delay analysts and expert witnesses combined with legal consultants from Systech Law.
We ensure that robust measures to control risk, cost and time, manage claims and prevent disputes are in place to support the successful delivery of global projects.Our co-ordinated, multidisciplinary team gives you the commercial edge throughout the project and the expertise to secure your entitlements and resolve claims and disputes.Claims Management / Contract Management / Site Diary App / Planning & Scheduling / Systech Delay Analysis Software / Legal Services / Dispute Resolution /Visualisations / Expert Witness / Training