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Godolphin Masterplan

Masterplan for Godolphin, Dubai
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1. Experience

As an immersive technology department we were expected to full an amalgamation of different roles, the older gentlemen in the organization seem to think as soon as they hear the word technology those people associated with it can fullfill any role that has to do with any technology. This being the case we were IT professionals, visualisation experts, motion graphics experts, network administrators, you name it we were asked it. It doesnt make a difference that I could do all these things, it was a matter of renumeration and roles.

2. Result

To compound this issue, It turns out you need project codes in order to be deemed "nessecary" or should I say billing. So we were whored out to any and all that needed anything tech.... This one such occasion I was given a weekend to finish modelling and rendering Dubai Marina. There was a catch mind you... they had nothing.... I design a series of panels using grasshopper algo's even made my complete design of the carpark as I didnt like the one our "starkitect" designed.

3. Role

I utilised rhino and grasshopper for the algo stuff and then pulled it into max for extra model;ling and rendering through Vray GPU. Photoshop to finish. Not my best work but I'm happy with I accomplished given the rediculus timeframe and lack of design direction. Again, I don't think anything was used. I used a variety of inputs such as Dubai written in morse code, the displacement map from the water of the marina and other connected mediums to drive the cutouts.

Project Details

Client: AECOM

Date: 24th September, 2018


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