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5SRW Vray Course

Online Vray Course, Dubai
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1. Experience

After working in the industry for so many years and being self taught I tried to validate my skill through the 5SRW Course. Although I passed, realizing your far away from talent such as bertrand, Peter or the foakes at the Mill can be daunting. Now only really a hobby I still love rolling up the sleves and doing some 3D Modelling and rendering work.

2. Result

I always thought of "POST" as cheating and strived for my renders to finish as is at a quality that competes. I rarely use references (I know shame on me) which probably speaks to the quality sometimes. I try to use my own models as smuch as possible but to stay competitive in todays visualisation market thats just plain stupid. Additionally with photogrametry and the multitude of platforms now available with 3D content ready to go it doesn't make sense to model much anymore.

3. Future

I still do the odd jobs here and there, I love going through entire pipline like BIM through to VR for example. I like the idea of completing the "whole" environment due to the fact that most VR expiences are viewed from every angle. The are so many more perspectives to VR than just a flat visualisation image or animation.

Project Details

Client: N/A

Date: 21th December, 2017

Online: https://www.5SRW.COM

The 5SRW (5-Step Render Workflow) is a methodology that enables you to learn the features of the extraordinary V-Ray rendering engine in a practical and structured manner, following the logic of a photographic approach.
A big part of this success is the unique 5SRW approach, which breaks CG learning into easily digestible chunks while keeping an eye on the bigger picture Complex ideas are explained in a simple and photographic manner