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Disruptive Technologies...  if your technology is disruptive, you're doing it wrong.

Chris Theobald
With the amount of misinformation and misunderstanding around what technology is and how it should be implemented there still is a major role to play in most firms throughout the construction sector.
Anything is possible, it's all 1's and 0's... I have carved a niche in the construction industry by understanding the principals of data and its role in technology. Stop looking for a silver bullet, do the work.

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Chris Theobald
Construction Technologist


It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin
I specialize in problem solving and what better problem to solve than getting a group of unique individuals to work together towards a common goal. Solid direction and a clear vision are some of the main tools I employ.
I believe in encouraging success through positive reinforcement and continued education. This is is even more important when working with technology. The exponential advancements create a constant need for personal development and is crucial to a company's success.

Technology has advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand. The exponential increase in advancement will only continue.

Niels Bohr
I've spent over 25 years working in the construction industry and have witnessed first hand, at all levels, the constant lack of innovation and technology. I've have spent the last 15 years trying to change that. Educating and injecting change whenever and wherever possible.
Technology, specifically Construction Technology, shouldn't be disruptive. It doesn't have to be a physical technology either. Simply looking at at our processes and workflows can produce a result on par with a technological change.

When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. Butwhen I’ve finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong.

Buckminster Fuller
I have mixed feelings about Design, it's so dependant on the client, the eye of the beholder. As much as I love creation, true creation, we are always beholden to the one paying the bills. I never liked the dynamic but always enjoyed this aspect of my work.
I approach design much the way I approach everything, I look for a problem and I try to solve it.

Successful organizations understand the  importance of implementation, not just strategy, and, moreover, recognize the crucial role of their people in this process

Jeffrey Pfeffer
I don't like meetings, consultancy or wasting time. I get things done. Whether its a POC or a prolonged strategic execution i like to be in the thick of it. I constantly rolling up my sleeves and diving right in
Understanding process and the ability to break things down into managable steps gives organizations and teams an easier path to success and ultimately successfull delivery.

My Methods in a Nutshell?

I'm creative

I always try to see things from as many angles as possible. I believe this gives me the best material for my creative process. Understanding that there is a box is the first step towards thinking outside of it.


Anyone who has worked with me probably has encountered my afinity for punctuality, Good things take time. I follow the iron triangle religously. Fast, Cheap, Quality, pick 2.

Above and Beyond

I'm always trying to go the extra mile. If we can think it, most probably theres a way to achieve it. I don't mind giving that little extra but that little extra is a 2 way street.


I cannot express this enough, I LOVE WHAT I DO!
If you just want to talk concepts or have anything substainatial you wish to embark on, reach out. I love talking with like minded individuals and enjoy a heated debate.


I know it's cliche but where there is a will there is a way. I always have a plan and more than that, know how to get from A to Z and all those steps inbetween.

ALways Avaiable

I'm never far from tech, so reach out if you feel like it and I'll make sure I get back to you.

What people say?

It's amazing to have someone with all those skills in one package.

Jan Fisher, NEOM.

What people say?

“Chris transcends the boundaries of the typical construction and architectural professional with a deep understanding of the technology available today and its integration in to today’s construction and design methods.”

Simon Chandler, FTI.

What people say?

“To be able to have the construction experience, technical knowledge and IT skills in one package is amazing.”

Stephen Rayment, Systech International

What people say?

“In a crunch, Chris gets it done.”

Ian Dunbar.

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